RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2011

Informo que o abstract enviado para esta conferência foi aceite para o painel: Travel, Tourism and Art.

Com o título “Travel literature and representations of touristic places: experiences and remembrances of Rabaçal in late 19th century”, o meu paper tem por objectivo analisar alguns aspectos da construção do turismo na Ilha da madeira no finais de novecentos.

Deixo aqui o abstract correspondente:

“The present work intends to analyze some aspects of the construction of tourism on the Madeira Island in the late nineteenth century. The main goal is to sketch the construction of tourists’ experiences and sensibilities towards contemplation (gaze).
It will be interesting to analyze and record modes of consumption, based on everyday experiences and unique forms of leisure with a view to find out who were the tourists who sought the tourist spots and why, recording their experiences and remembrances, visible in the travel literature of the time.
The case study is the valley of Rabaçal, subject to visits from the mid-nineteenth century. With the advent of the works for the construction of Rabaçal taken to transport water for irrigation, summer visits intensify, sometimes for work reasons, sometimes for pleasure. This intensification of visits sought to contribute to the transformation of this place into a tourist place, or as a landscape becomes a commodity ethnography.
Rabaçal became part of the tour of Madeira, for both domestic and foreigners, as one of the most magnificent resorts in Madeira. This unique landscape and secular, now UNESCO World Heritage Site, thus becomes a tourist spot, visible in its introduction as shown by the tour guides travel season”.


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