Authenticity or Staged Authenticity?

Tendo em mente as questões que envolvem a autenticidade e a ‘staged authenticity’ de MacCannell, vejam os videos abaixo indicados e enviem os vossos comentários.

video 2


7 thoughts on “Authenticity or Staged Authenticity?

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the vid.
    Here’s an article relating to the topic: Chabbra et al. 2003: Staged Authenticity and Heritage Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 30(3), 702-719.
    Where have all the people gone (apart from the figures/mermaids? every once in a while, there’s a little boy and a man at the end…)?! Isn’t tourism and authenticity, in particular, about the people…?
    How much this has cost? Is this the official promotion video of Madeira?
    This is probably not the best of touristic promotion videos for a destination…although it surely creates some images and expectations…but still…it somehow lacks the clue of tourism.
    Well, what do you think about this tourism promotion video of Rovaniemi, it also includes some things that can’t be seen “in real life”…or?
    And in case of an error (there may be some…):

    See also other videos of Rovaniemi-Lapland-Finland, both user-created and marketer-created ones!


  2. Hi.
    Many thanks for the comments and the reference (I already read it, but hey, thanks once again).
    In fact, the 1st video, is a promotional/official one, created by Madeira Promotion Bureau. Is was shown in the world travel market some weeks ago, and has received an award as the best promotional video for a destination with the campaign Body. Mind. Madeira.
    Why did you said that “it somehow lacks the clue of tourism”? I think that it goes through the final goal, which is to capture our attention as tourists whether or not foreigners and show some of the experiences that we could have there. What is the clue of tourism? To sell a product, creating motivations, expectations? Capture the self of everyone, revealing and leading us to emotions and experiences on leisure time?
    The 2nd video (it has to be downloaded) reaches this topic because shows a ‘world’ of contrasts, the unique/authentic Madeira vs. the constructed/staged authentic Madeira products. For example: the regional net of levadas, a true trekking paradise, the cultural landscapes or even, the Laurel Forest (world Heritage by UNESCO) vs. hot air ballons, spa’s, a replica of the boat of Christopher Columbus, ….

    About the promotional video of Santa/Rovaniemi, first I certainly would love to go there, ahh the exotic (see it’s a world of contrasts). I would love to see the aurora borealis also, they’re magnificent. Is it an official video? Was it shown at tourism exhibitions?
    I think that it captures well the arctic culture (but here you might have some doubts). There are some authentic stuff with several appointments of cultural elements. It’s more objective, directed for foreign markets and domestic one’s (in spite your country being a generator of tourism according to recent european statistics).
    Why there aren’t any comments? There are some things that I would to be explained.

  3. Hi again!
    Oh yes, I had missed the ‘video 2’… Well, now I’ve watched that too.
    These two videos make a nice duet in terms of analysing the message(s) of Madeira. To say the least, they give different viewpoints to the island.
    For me, the first one (although it lacks the clue…) is after all nicer than the second, since it leaves more room to viewers to form their own conception of the destination. It includes more image marketing than the other one.
    The second one highlights some concrete activities and facilities (product marketing?) – but in a way lacks a “grand story” of Madeira. In the first one it’s more about the landscapes whereas the second one gives the viewer some examples of things to do there. I’m not sure if neither of these can be called authentic – myb they both are “staged” performances…
    What I meant with “lacks the clue of tourism” (the 1st one, that is), was that for me tourism deals with encounters of cultures, people and communities, but this award-winning video only points out some magnificent landscapes of the site without any clear message. The figure in the water (drowning or reborning?) is not always a clarifying one, but more confusing…dunno. In some way, I got the point of “come to Madeira to express your self, and first of all, to find your inner self”.
    When it comes to Rovaniemi vid… yes it’s a new video on our nmb I tourism product of “winter in Rovaniemi/Lapland”, alongwith an infamous site of the SC Village. It is used by Rovaniemi Tourist Information and other promotional organizations.

    • Hello.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Do you think that tourism is only about “encounters of cultures, people and communities”? You’re talking about culture, and that could be found everywhere so tourism is in that sense the encounter with the ‘other’. But you’re a business guy so what about the economicist perspective?
      Why don’t you go to Madeira and then see, appreciate, and try to find your inner self!?

  4. Hi Fillipa,

    To me this video does not seem to include the issues related to authentcity or staged authenticity. In my view, the matters which arise from this video are desitnaion image and destination marketing issues. As you know, each destination has multiple images, but the images delivered to (prospective) tourists have been carefully chosen by the destination (managers) to give positive images of the destination to tourists in order to attract new and returning tourists. The issue which should be discussed here is whether these images are a fair representation of the destination. Too good images delivered to tourists before their visit can cause a huge gap between their image and reality. In other words, this can cause a big difference between expectation and experience. As Urry (1990) argues, tourism combines images with expereinces. Hence, it is important for the destination (marketing) managers to present a fair representation of the images of the destination to tourists.

  5. Hi Taka,
    Thank you for your comments.
    You’ve bring new aspects to this discussion, such as the destination image and marketing aspects, all related to representations and somehow interconnected to staged authenticity (in my own opinion).
    How do you define the contents that represents the destination? What images should you include? Which of them must represent fairly this destination? Who decides?

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